Joe Sam Queen
He Proven. He's Effective. He get's it done.

JOE SAM QUEEN, nc house


He's Proven. He's Effective. He gets it done!

"I am proud to fight to get WNC its fair share. I look forward to continuing to serve you with effective leadership grounded in mountain values."

~Joe Sam Queen



Advocating for mountain people, their families, communities and livelihoods since 2002          

A sixth generation citizen of the mountains, Joe Sam Queen represents the voices of this community and the people that make it so unique and special. Joe Sam Queen first served in the Legislature in 2002.

Passionate about our community

Joe Sam Queen is committed to providing outstanding leadership to the community. He listens and works passionately to provide solutions for our communities issues.  You'll find him in the community working hard to meet your goals, having open discussions about your needs, ideas, and goals. When you vote for Joe Sam Queen, you can expect outstanding leadership from a committed leader.

Joe Sam Queen gets it done

For his entire career in the NC Senate and in the NC House, he has worked for a stronger economy and a better life for all Western North Carolinians. 

On a personal level

Joe Sam Queen is a farmer, an architect, a businessman, a father, and a husband. My wife, Dr. Kate Queen, is a rheumatologist for Haywood Regional Medical Center. My daughter Sara is an outstanding young architect and professor at NCSU, as well as a new mom to my first grandson Cole. My son Charlie, a chemist, is the Lab Director for Panacea, a North Carolina start up company in the field of personalized medicine. Both are graduates of the University of North Carolina system. As a united Methodist, I've taught Sunday school for over 20 years, led Boy Scouts, and coached youth soccer. And, like my granddaddy before me, I call the Appalachian Square Dance.


What Matters.


We are dedicated to strong job growth locally. We must pursue a vision for a strong, dynamic, and broad-based economy that is well-stocked with locally owned and locally grown enterprises.


I am committed to providing outstanding leadership to the community. I thrive each day to meet and listen to the voices in this mountain community. You will often find me in the community working hard and staying present. 


We are dedication to a strong future in education. To have a bright future, we must renew our historic commitment to be second-to-none in education opportunity. 

THE 119th district

Since I began serving in Legislature in 2002, I have worked diligently in the North Carolina legislature for the people of the mountains. I remain enthusiastic and committed to creating rising opportunities for a better life here In the mountains For all of our citizens.



Committed to providing quality healthcare access. I support investments in programs that promote healthy lifestyles, from infancy to old age, regardless of pre-existing conditions.


I will be working hard and diligent to be your choice to represent the 119th house district, consisting of Haywood Jackson and Swain counties in the upcoming November 2018 election. Please join me! Let's connect.