Joe Sam Queen
He Proven. He's Effective. He get's it done.


Quality Healthcare Access.

Advocating to expand Medicaid and to stop wasting over 10 million dollars a year just from Haywood, Jackson and Swain Counties.

Dedicated to providing 800 new jobs this year!


"I support investments in programs that promote healthy lifestyles, from infancy to old age."   


          ~ Joe Sam Queen


Put your trust in our experienced leadership

Despite wonderful achievements in healthcare, there's much work to be done. Few things have a greater impact on real family security than access to healthcare. It impacts our ability to care for our loved ones as they age and our ability to ensure a healthy and promising future for our children. I believe that quality healthcare should be affordable and accessible for each of our citizens.

I support investments in programs that promote healthy lifestyles from infancy to old age, including investments in community recreation facilities for citizens of all ages.I will back our own state employee health care coverage and hold it up as a model for others. It is my belief that investing in preventative healthcare is our wisest long-term strategy. This includes advancing our region as the leader for North Carolina in wellness and aging research. I am deeply committed to health care, as well as the healthcare economy and all its critical aspects for a bright future here in the mountains.

As a Legislator, Joe Sam Queen has led in:

  • Securing over $100 million to establish the NC Center on Health and Aging
  • Providing funding to make North Carolina a national leader in cancer research
  • Expanding by 40% the number of children eligible for health coverage
  • Supporting the successful efforts to save Haywood Regional Medical Center
  • The continuing struggle to expand Medicaid to allow over 10 million dollars a year of our tax dollars to serve over 15,000 of our citizens, here in Haywood, Jackson and Swain, with their healthcare needs. Currently, the money is being wasted and the citizens are not being served. "It's Unbelievable."